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Car Key Extraction

Car Key Extraction | Locksmiths Atherton

One of the popular locksmith services in Atherton is broken key extraction. It can happen to anyone and everywhere in the car, in home or in the office. You try to open your door or start your car and suddenly the key breaks inside. Broken keys are very unpleasant experience to have. Here are some tips how to prevent a broken key situation and what to do if you have a broken key.

In order to prevent broken keys you should always use a functional copy of your key. If you key is deformed, don’t use it because it can cause you a lot of damage especially when the key breaks inside. If you see that your key is worn simply replace it with a functional key.

Always maintain your locks make sure that the tumbler pins or wafers function properly. Call a locksmith from time to time to check and maintain your locks. If you have a broken key inside you lock or ignition, never try to pull it out by yourself. In order to extract the broken key special tools are needed. In extreme cases it is necessary to take the lock out and take it a part in order to extract the broken key.

Professional locksmiths have special tools that are used to extract broken keys and to repair your lock. If you have a broken key in Atherton, contact Locksmiths Atherton.

Locksmiths Atherton provides variety Broken Key Extraction services in Atherton area for residential, commercial and automotive clients.

Broken Key Extraction

Breaking your key inside of a lock is a very frustrating experience, but it is much more common occurrence than one would think. Whether it is a damaged lock, worn key or the effect of the element, there are a number of ways that your key can become broken inside of a lock. When this happens, you can turn to Locksmiths Atherton to provide you with broken key extraction service. Our locksmith has years of experience completing services on many different lock and key variations, making him the perfect choice to assist you when you need broken key extraction.

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